A Different Perspective

It is hard for any Torontonian to tell the difference between any of the several condominium towers going up at any given time in Toronto and the GTA. What would it take for a new building to stand out in the crowd?  A proposed condo tower at Yonge and Gerrard Sts. in Toronto may do just that.  This building to be named Aura, will be different in the fact that it was designed by not one but a committee of individuals.

Condo Sales Could Mean More Jobs for Designers

With the huge amount of condominiums being sold in Toronto recently the opportunities have vastly opened up for decorators and designers to get in on the action.  Some of the units are going for large sums of money and the new owners want their condo interiors to reflect that.  Many new condo owners are also downsizing from a detached home and need direction and advice from interior designer firms on how to plan their new residence.

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Worth The Wait

 A condominium right in the heart of Yorkville has won the record for the highest condo unit ever sold in the greater Toronto area.  The entire floor condo in the 80 storey tower at Yonge and Bloor sold for twenty five million dollars.  The condo at the very top of the tower famously known as One Bloor will have its own swimming pool and a wrap around view of the entire city.

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Toronto’s Booming Market

 It is absolutely no secret that the city of Toronto is a huge hot spot for condominium towers and condo living.  However a recent article dubbed Toronto as having the busiest condo market in North America.  New construction is always in development and the units are selling out quickly.  The cost of housing is pushing first home buyers in to looking at a condominium as an affordable choice.  All these factors put Toronto at the top of the list.

Growth Is Headed North

One of Toronto’s largest consturction companies is looking to expand into Sudbury and Kingston Ontario.  Kingston will hopefully see 69 new apartment units by this rapidly expanding Toronto Firm.  The deal is not yet finalized but the city has high hopes as not only will the new buildings increase the number of available units to the public, but will also greatly contribute to the city’s annual revenue for the year in a large way.