Smaller Condos Are Available

The third condominium tower going up at the intersection of Hurontario Street and Burnhamthorpe Road will have slightly smaller condo sizes available for consumers to purchase.  The developers will have a higher percentage of these smaller square footage condos geared for urban professionals and new young couples.  These smaller condos will average 800 square feet in size.

Toronto Condos to Be Eco-Friendly

A condominium tower to scheduled to be built in Yorkville is gaining recognition for its “green” environmental awareness pledge.  The Florian, will feature environmentally safe finishes, low wattage LED lighting, fuel efficient boilers, recycling facilities and energy efficient appliances.  Even with all the eco-friendly additions there will no curtailing on plenty of luxurious amenities.

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Mississauga adds Buses for New Residents

The City of Mississauga has decided to restart some of its past bus routes within the city’s core to serve the many new residents who have made the move to Mississauga.  According to an article in the National Post, the city council originally cancelled some of these bus lines due to the lack in funding but sees the need to reinstate the lines so that the city does not start to see the major traffic congestion Toronto has.

For information on new Mississauga condos  you can go to The National Post.

No Stopping First Time Buyers

Despite the high price tag for some homes in Toronto and the greater Toronto Area, first time buyers are still taking the leap into home ownership.  The high foreclosure rate in the United States still hasn’t deterred many in Canada.  However, with the increasing costs of homes, these owners may have to change their preferences.  For some, this means moving outside of Toronto, like Scarborough and moving in to a condominium instead of a semi or detached home.

First Impressions for Home Buyers

Curb appeal may have more to do with the sale of a home than most think.  Research shows that most individuals in the market for a new home get their first impression of a home by an internet photo or newspaper ad.  Almost always that photo is taken of the exterior of the property.  If the home hunters don’t like the looks of the outside chances are they won’t bother taking a look on the inside.

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