Meadowvale Is A Good Choice

The condo lifestyle is very acceptable in Mississauga and highly sought after by many.  The cost of single detached homes has had many turn to condo living, even though the cost of condominiums is on the rise.  Purchasing a condo to most has a huge appeal with no shoveling of snow and no yard work in the hot sunny days of summer.  According to a recent poll, two Mississauga neighbourhoods were ranked 5th in fastest rising condo prices in the GTA.  With these figures, it makes the purchase of a Mississuaga condo a sound investment.

A Tower With A Twist

Despite very little difficulty to sell condominiums in Mississauga these days one developer has decided to design a building that will stand out in the crowd of others.  The two towers with their unique curvy designs are scheduled for completion in 2010.  Out of the 860 units originally for sale only 61 units remain unsold.

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Hot Market In The Toronto Beaches Area

The past few months have shown a very hot market for buying condos and homes but for many it is just as hot when selling.  In early January a Toronto Beaches home listed at $399 000 was inundated with 16 offers selling with the final price just over $481 000.  In this type of market experts state bidding wars can be very common and often buyers are outnumbering the sellers.

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Beating the Clock

Most GTA real estate experts would probably agree that the huge spike in home and condo transactions in the past month or more is the looming new land transfer tax.  The new Toronto tax goes in to effect on February 1st and for some home owners it can mean double the bill since it combines with the province tax as well.  The rush is on to close the deal on many new condos and homes because buyers want to avoid paying this new tax.

If you would like more details visit Richard Silver a downtown Toronto real estate guru.

Puerto Vallarta Is Not Just Another Sunny Beach

If you are looking for a wonderful new location for your next residence, Puerto Vallarta has much more than just sunny beaches to offer.  On top of a fantastic average climate and gorgeous scenery Puerto Vallarta also has clean food and water thanks to a new revamping of the water treatment and distribution systems.  The once sleepy little village also boasts its safety record with very little crime since guns are strictly prohibited.

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