Mississauga Has A Lot To Offer

Mississauga has once again exceeded the one billion dollar mark in values of building permits issued this year.
The city of Mississauga’s mayor is happy with the split of approximately 57/43 between commercial property and residential property assessments within the city.  With such a balance, the city of Mississauga is a great place to live, to work and to operate a business.

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Millions in Lorne Park

 Recently, one Meadowvale Remax real estate firm conducted a poll on national trends and documented the new and upcoming prestigious housing communities in Toronto and the GTA.   One location singled out for its emerging potential is the community of Lorne Park in Mississauga.  The number of homes over one million dollars was over 2300 in 2007 compared to just 107 ten years ago.

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Line Ups Again For Toronto Condos

Not too long ago the media reported the long lines and agent arguments over purchasing prime condos at the now famous One Bloor.  It would seem the next in line of tall towers to go up has created another frenzy and yet another line up of eager real estate agents.  This tower, called Aura, will be seventy five stories tall and will sit on the corner of Yonge and Gerrard in Toronto.

The Market Begins To Cool

Experts are predicting that the super hot housing market in Toronto and the surrounding areas is about to cool down.  They are expecting fewer bidding wars on homes, lower gains on home values for owners and a reduction in affordability for many.  The same experts are saying it will still be a good real estate year just not as hot as lately, and by 2009 you can expect more of a buyer’s market in the industry.

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