Making Homeowners Aware

The city of Brampton officials and the Brampton Real Estate Board and working together to educated Brampton residents about apartments they may be renting out within their homes.  There are many homes with illegal basement and other types of apartments in Brampton much like there are in just about every other city around. The board is aiming to educate the homeowners about the city’s bylaws which they believe many are unaware of.

Brampton Real Estate information can be found at The Brampton Guardian

Etobicoke Condos Coming Soon

  As early as fall 2008 ground will be broken and construction will begin on two tall condominium towers going up in Etobicoke Ontario.  The two towers will sit at Bay Street and St. Joseph Street.  One tower will sit 45 storeys tall while the other tower will reach 55 storeys.  City officials think the location for both is excellent considering the proximity to two subway lines.

Advantages Of Oakville Ontario

 The people and families that make up Oakville Ontario’s population love its small town community feel.  The residents have a strong sense of pride within their community and work together to keep it clean.  It is a place they feel that when you walk up and down the streets passer-byers will say hello.  With a relatively close commute to Toronto and other areas of the GTA  many new home owners will likely find Oakville a little piece of solitude from the busy city life they are use to.

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Very Green In Kingston

Should you happen to be in the market for a new home and you have a keen interest in keeping the environment green, Kingston Ontario might just be the place for you.  Kingston was just named on of Ontario’s top recycling cities with thirty eight percent of waste going in to the blue recycling boxes.  Experts suggest that compared to other big cities Kingston has fewer apartment buildings and this could help make the difference.  The reason being that residents of apartment buildings tend to recycle less than an average home owner.

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Hefty Price Tag

 Do you find yourself driving through downtown Toronto lately and wondering who is buying all those super luxurious condos in the sky?  With some of the condos in the market going for $1250 per square foot you can bet that is more than the average condo buying family can afford.  Research suggests that about sixty percent of these pricy condo purchases are made by international buyers.