Trendy Yorkville

In the past Yorkville streets were lined with two and three story Victorian homes.  Now those old homes have been replaced with boutiques, sidewalk cafes and in many areas towering condominium buildings.  Yorkville is a trendy popular hang out for tourists’ celebrities and even some locals.  Yorkville offers a unique setting to reside for those who can afford it.  At the moment and eighty storey condo tower is being constructed and Yonge and Bloor and another tower named The Regency can be found under construction at Bay and Yorkville.

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Communal Kitchen In Condo Building

  What if you could have your dream condo with a top of the line kitchen but the catch is you have to share it with others?  This is exactly what you will find on the twenty seventh floor of a fifty six storey condominium tower at Concord CityPlace.  An enormous chef grade communal kitchen encompasses the 27th floor with upgraded commercial appliances and is available to rent for condominium owners.  Here they can prepare their favourite meals or hire a professional chef to do it for them. 

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Smart Investment In Kitchner

 Most people would agree that when they are in the market to buy a new home, they don’t just want to find their dream home but they want to feel like the home would be a good investment for them.  Those in the market may want to consider the Kitchener Cambridge Waterloo area of Ontario.  Campbell’s Top 10 list of Ontario towns for real estate investors puts this area at number one.

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Tower Clusters In Etobicoke

 Driving through Etobicoke you will see a cluster of nineteen buildings of condominiums of which house approximately thirteen thousand people.  While the urban density is good these tower neighbourhoods outside of the GTA have room for improvements.  For many, the easiest method of transportation is still a car which is a faux pas in a era when everyone aims to go green.

New Look for Toronto’s Harbourfront

After many years of waiting the harbourfront of Toronto is finally going to get a facelift.  Developers from around the world were interested in taking on the project and two were finally selected by Waterfront Toronto.  One company from Toronto and one from Dublin have been given the right to buy a parcel of land and construct four buildings housing a total of eight hundred and fifty residential units.

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