Back to Nature In Oakville

A new condominium development in the city of Oakville is aimed towards bringing the residents as close to nature as possible. Many of us cannot live in the country in a spacious quiet forested setting like we would like to because of our work obligations and the hassle of commuting. Designers know that many of us in the market want the naturalistic setting and are doing their best to recreate it in the city. The development in Oakville will have landscaped lots with plants and flowers native to the area. The lower condominiums will feature walk out patios or a balcony overlooking wooded lots where the owners can watch wildlife and enjoy nature. Included in the buildings design will be a large recreation centre for the owners that will be decorated with a cottage theme to help complete the theme. There is definitely an effort with many designers and builders now to keep as much nature as close as possible to every homeowner so they can have an area of home to retreat to from the stress of every day life.

Finding A Home You Can Afford

When it comes to buying a home the considerable down payment requirement is not the only monetary figure we need to look at but what our monthly mortgage payment will be. The interested buyer needs to determine how much a month the can afford to pay towards their home on top of other expenses. It helps to work closely with a mortgage consultant who can guide you through the process. It is also wise to get pre approval for a mortgage before actually starting the home buying process. With pre approval you will know exactly how much you can afford and which homes in what price range to consider. Without this prior knowledge you may find yourself out house hunting in areas and at homes that are out of your budget range. That would eliminate the hurtful process of finding your dream home only to find out that you cannot get mortgage approval for it.

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Living In The Heart Of Brampton

Toronto is not the only city with a lively downtown that appeals to city dwellers. The city of Brampton has much to offer and living right downtown in Brampton puts you close to many different amenities. Within walking distance you have shops and cafes, Gage Park, the weekend farmers market and easy access to the Go station. More and more buyers are interested in buying a home where a car is seldom needed and public transportation is on hand for when travelling far. With gas prices soaring and the need for cleaner air is not hard to understand why. A unique collection of townhomes right in the city’s core are now available for the buyer looking to live in the heart of it all. The Brownstones at Olde Brampton will feature an all brick exterior and have large family sized kitchens and family rooms with doors leading right to the back yard.

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Charming Homes In Brookiln

Small rural Ontario towns are known for having a lot of charm. One of these communities can be found just north of Whitby by the name of Brooklin. The town is known for offering the quaint small town charm while having the added bonus of being near to a large urban centre. Plenty of forestry surrounds valleys and acres of farmland. The town has plenty of playgrounds for the children to play and families can spend their afternoons along the numerous wildlife and nature trails. Plenty of people are looking at Brooklin to put down roots which is proven by nearly all the townhomes being constructed in one area are already sold.

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Cottage Condo Homes In The Kawarthas

An already existing community known in the area as the “jewel of the Kawarthas” now has another 30 luxury cottage/home style condos available. A buyer can enjoy the beautiful lake views in a home with a cottage feel and enjoy all the amenities that come with owing a condo. The homes will have monthly condo fees which will include services such as snow plowing, landscaping, window cleaning and utility fees. Living in the Kawartha area means having access to beautiful nature trails, water and boat access to the Trent-Severn waterway and Balsam Lake. Towns such as Fenelon Falls are close by as well as ski resorts and great antique stores to browse in. Some of the homes will feature screened in porches and second story balconies so the home owner can sit back and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

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