Lovely City Of Gatineau

Areas in Gatineau that are popular for real estate searches include Lac des Fees, Champlain Park, Le Plateau, Mont-Bleu and Parc de la Montagne. These areas are very appealing to families, young couples, professionals ad even retirees for homes and even Gatineau QC Condos, The city of Gatineau is beautifully located along the northern banks of the Ottawa River and faces the bigger city of Ottawa Ontario. Gatineau is famous for its distinctive French culture which includes stellar French cuisine dining, shopping and museums. In fact the Canadian Museum of Civilization calls the city its home. Nature lovers seeking to buy a home or condo in the Gatineau area will be thrilled to discover that the Eastern and Northern sections of the city are situated at the foothills of the Canadian Shield or Laurentian Mountains.

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