Sunny Saskatoon

If you are thinking of moving to Saskatoon prepare yourself for many sunny days as the city is known as one of the sunniest in Canada with the highest average of sunny days annually. Centrally located in the province of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon is situated on the banks of the south Saskatchewan River. The city not only has sunny days but clean air and was rated first with the cleanest air to breathe by Chatelaine magazine. Many wishing to start their own business are making the move to Saskatoon as it boasts one of the lowest property tax rates in Canada. With the largest population is the province there is a mixture of different styles of housing and homes available for a family or an individual. Begin your search for your ideal home with a Saskatoon Real Estate agent.

More Time To Find A Saskatoon Home

The Saskatoon real estate market has steadily increased over the last few years. While housing costs rose thirty two percent last year they are only projected to rise twenty percent this year. This is good news for those looking for their home in the province. The city of Saskatoon is also seeing a record number of available homes on the market. With more availability in real estate the house prices are more likely to remain more stable and balanced. Prospective home buyers like to see a heftier market not only for more options and choices but it generally means they have more time to make their buying decisions. No one wants to feel rushed in to a real estate transaction for fear of losing the home to other bidders ready to make the leap before them.